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Now if'n ya get one of these you don't need no stinkin caps

Splain please .
You want the powder packed tight but no powder in the flash hole, that's where a lot of delays come. has to burn the powder through the flash hole to reach the main charge. stick the feather in the hole and it can't plug the hole when you pack the powder charge by pushing the ball against it. Also you do not want to fill the pan all the way full. once the flint strikes the frizzen the spark will look for an opening which will be the flash hole. that's just a couple things to make a flinter fire faster.
You also want 4f in the pan, but 3 f can be used if you don't have any. 4f is kinda hard to find cause it's basically only used in flinters. also make sure the flint strikes the frizzen flush and not crooked. if crooked enough it can actually throw the spark to the side. also a good lockplate makes a world of difference.