Tim’s payloader and generator BS thread


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Nov 22, 2020
Goddammit I love that little loader, I think everybody should have one, I can't imagine anything any handier, I'd drive that shit every day just because I could
Agreed. I have to be careful to not go on and on about how much I like wheel loaders. People will think I'm weird.

The job I'm preparing the boom for is for our church. The A/C unit/air handler is over 50 years old and getting replaced in the next few weeks. I volunteered to remove the old unit and set the new unit in place. Both units are roof top design, set on a steel support about 3' off the ground. They measure about 7' x11.5'. The new unit weights about 2300lbs.
I've been scrambling to prepare for the arrival of the new unit at my house. I'm going to set it on the trailer until the contractor is ready for the install. No body is sure when it will arrive. I gotta be ready to off load at a moments notice. When it's time, I may just run the wheel loader up Hwy 61 the 6 miles to the job cause I can.


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Nov 21, 2020
fredericksburg, va