Gun talk or something beside the stupid title i gave it


Steel frame CZ 75 BD 9mm for $500

I'm trying to buy
glad to see cheap five seven pistols. I might consider getting one when the cost of ammo comes down. The Smith Wesson five seven sounds like the best of the current offerings.

I've been watching them.
I'f my new job works out
I'll probably get a 10mm a m&p I like that series
I had a eaa witness fullsizei nice pistol
my friend wanted it more his wife won't let him sell it lol

I'd like to have one of these 7.5s from Brno they have multiple calibers 10mm is one of them.
I have plenty of 9mm but still want a p01 manual safety and a shadow 2 compact.
I've been selling off old pistols I don't shoot anymore to fund new wants.
I was extremely disappointed with the Springfield sa35 I've only seen the one and it was very poorly fit and finished
I've handled several vintage hi powers over that were 50+ year's old and still felt like new
That Springfield rattled out of the box.
A eaa girsan was a little better fit but not much.