Good morning thread


Different shit
Nov 22, 2020


Different shit
Nov 21, 2020
Park Co. Wyoming
Mortnin. 36 and a bit windy. Supposed to hit 54f or so.

44 and clear. No real plans. Wife has a toofache so it might be a fun day around here

Goin to the dentist this afternoon myself. Turns out I had/have both a sinus infection AND a toofache.....
No bueno.

Eatin that salty sweat on that ass just adds flavor.

You gots to get aggressive, grab her and throw her on the bed and with an authorative voice tell her, I'm eatin that ass, yer gonna take it and like it.

Dammit. Rick needs to change his password (unless Big T is his alter ego).

on the subject of ridiculous vehicles and owners, what is with the adventure bike riders who run around standing on the pegs?
Are the seats that bad or is their asses sore from getting rump humped.
Personally I think they are fags, wearing those garish jumpsuits and fastening all the shit on their bikes.

Must've been a little sand or gravel within eyesight (probably on the shoulder). That's the poser "look at me, I'm adventuring" stance. If someone actually takes those $18K-$30K behemoths off road.........THAT is the time to be on the pegs. Fags....

gotdam Jason. young brother, im telling you right now, you will not be able to live like that forever. i know you dont want to hear it.
i been there, with kids. a lot of us have been there. all i can say is try not flip out, if you feel like you cant take it any more get separate.



Good morning trannies,
I started the day by putting on a pallet of firewood for my friend.
The rest of the day is to do microscopic, maybe a shower since I smell, but on the other hand, is a week since last and the smell of thousands of farts is intense from the underpants, I do not know, it may be that I postpone the shower to the next week.

Once a month, whether you need it or not.

Your underpants or someone else’s?


Lift kits, nah, i had a 6 inch kit on a ferd years ago. problem was the angle of the driveshaft wore u joints out in a hurry. i don't know if the axle could have been rotated some to take the angle out or not. I used to have pics of it. think my son has them. The 2015 Dodge has a 2 inch kit on the front. came that way. i guess to level it out and make room for the 35's that came on it. I'm too old to need a stepladder to get in a truck anymore.

Stacks..A resounding no, i don't care for the looks of them on a pickup.

Big pipe, if it's from the manifold all the way back doing away with the cat and muffler then yes, now not those huge tailpipe lookin things. just maybe next size up from stock.

Pics of the problematic driveshaft angle? Asking fer Bub.

nothing is random

That too.

Fuckin 39° out this AM…!!!

God damn I’m a happy MF’er…!!! wootWOOT…!!!!

So........................ya tried the butt stuff then?

+1, and not the red stuff.

That fucker has no business touching a saw like that.

Anybody see Brad?

Fuck that guy. Talking ocry-oh, not the bus driver.

Mornin 41/59
off to get the poop scope this AM
No other plan
Have a good one

Bringin' yer own lube? Askin' for Ted.


Different shit
Nov 22, 2020
Yep, gonna get pretty funky on the burn scars, most of the rain will runoff, a lot of crap will go downhill clogging up streams, culverts and such.
The larger rivers will run a nasty brown/gray, there should be enough rain to wash the ash off the hills.
Most of the fires in the north are already pretty much out, this series of storms will make sure of that.

Yukon Stihl

Different shit
Nov 25, 2020
ground is all white, this may be the beginning of the end
Butt stuffers...
Fun Fact
Humans are Deuterostomes,which means that when humans develop in the womb,the anus forms first before any other opening.
Which means that at one point you were nothing Butt an Asshole...
And some people never develop past the asshole stage...