Depth gauge files .

Jimmy in NC

Nov 21, 2020
Most of my customers have no idea that to sharpen a 20” loop ,,,setup on the cutters to obtain a new edge ,,then swap wheels an measure/setup to lower the rakers ,,,takes me 20-30 minutes an I collect $8-$10 bucks for that svc 🤔🙄,,,obviously I’m not gonna stop wrenchin @ $80/hr to sharpen rockd chains ,,,when I have a bunch todo ,,occasionally I’ll head back out afta dinner an get caught up ifn there’s nothing I need to see on the tube ! I consider it a complimentary service !! Sharpen 5-6 chains a month an it pays the ‘lectric bill 🤷‍♂️🤗
I make people stand there while I do a loop and they never question the price. Most comment they didnt know there was that much to it.